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Tax Consulting

RIZZO & ASSOCIATES offers comprehensive tax consulting for individuals and businesses. With years of experience and in-depth expertise in national and international tax law, the team at Rizzo & Associates assists clients in optimally managing and legally securing their tax matters.

The tax consulting services of RIZZO & ASSOCIATES include the following:

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting systematically records all financial transactions of a company and presents them in the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. It provides an accurate overview of the financial situation, supports business decisions, and fulfills legal requirements. Modern accounting software ensures efficient and error-free data processing. Thus, financial accounting significantly contributes to the transparency and control of company finances.

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Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting records and manages all payroll-relevant data of employees, including salaries, wages, social security contributions, and taxes. It ensures correct and timely wage and salary payments, prepares payroll statements, and reports necessary information to tax authorities and social security agencies. Accurate data processing in payroll accounting ensures compliance with legal requirements and supports companies in efficient personnel management.

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Annual Financial Statements

The preparation of annual financial statements is a central part of tax consulting. It includes balance sheet preparation, profit and loss statement, and the creation of notes and management reports. These statements provide a comprehensive overview of a company's financial situation, form the basis for tax returns and decisions, and fulfill legal reporting obligations. Precise and proper preparation ensures transparency and trust with tax authorities and investors.

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Private Tax Returns

The preparation of private tax returns includes recording all relevant income and expenses as well as utilizing tax benefits and allowances. Expert advisors ensure correct and timely submission, minimize the tax burden, and maximize refunds. Professional support avoids errors and optimally designs the tax situation, leading to financial relief and legal security for the taxpayer.

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Corporate Tax Returns

The preparation of corporate tax returns involves carefully recording all business income and expenses, utilizing tax planning opportunities, and complying with legal requirements. Tax advisors optimize the tax burden, ensure correct and timely submissions, and minimize risks during audits. This provides financial security for businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

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Tax Planning Consultation

Tax planning consultation optimizes the tax burden through targeted planning and utilization of tax benefits. Tax advisors develop individual strategies that exploit legal possibilities and provide advice on investments, corporate structures, and succession planning. This proactive consultation secures long-term financial benefits, increases liquidity, and supports the strategic goals of individuals and businesses, ensuring sustainable and efficient tax optimization.

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Profit Determination

Profit determination in tax consulting involves calculating a company's taxable profit based on legal requirements. All income and expenses are recorded, depreciations considered, and special tax regulations applied. Accurate profit determination is essential for correct taxation and the preparation of tax returns. Tax advisors ensure compliant, optimized profit determination, providing financial benefits and legal security.

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by Patrick Rizzo

published: 25.06.2022

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