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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Steuerberater Patrick Rizzo-Aschbrenner Dipl.-Kfm. German Certified Tax Advisor

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Patrick Rizzo,

Certified Tax Advisor

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My job: Certified Tax Advisor.

My work motivation: satisfied clients.

My work credo: Reliability at all times.

Time is money – also for our customers. That is why we work in optimized digital processes in close collaboration with our clients.

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Time is money – also for our customers. That's why we work in optimized digital processes.

1. Why do I need a tax advisor?

In Germany, accounting, annual closing, tax preparation & tax filing is traditionally entrusted a professional such as a Tax Advisor. Taxes are in a constant state of flux. While the German substantive tax law is quite a constant, the German tax laws are permanently changing due to political calculations. A Tax Advisor ensures that you always comply with your legal obligations in relation to the state, avoid unnecessary taxes and do not get into lasting problems with the tax office. As an advocate of the tax citizen, a Tax Advisor represents your interests before the tax authorities, the tax courts, and the Supreme Financial Court, the highest German court for tax matters. Within the framework of a permanent mandate, it is the task of a Tax Advisor to optimize your private, professional and business activities in accordance with the tax laws. Financial managers of companies, entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals generally seek counsel of a Tax Advisor to ensure that they are in compliance with the law. Time is money - also for our clients. In order not to make any careless mistakes in the face of the multitude of new tax regulations that are constantly being added, our clients rely on our advice in structuring their business transactions and life situations in a tax efficient manner.

2. International Tax Law

Expansions into global markets pose special challenges in terms of tax compliance. As a rule, market entry into foreign markets begins with the optimal choice of legal form, adapted to the needs of the target market and its legal system. Many companies and taxpayers are often unclear about the tax consequences of their step into the wider world. If, for example, the domestic tax return fails to report the foreign engagement that has been initiated, the penalties and fines office of the domestic tax office may already initiate unnecessary proceedings against the company's governing bodies. Some tax consequences of international tax law that decision-makers need to weigh up are presented in this article.

3. Inheritance Tax & Gift Tax

Tax structuring of domestic and foreign cases of individual and universal succession as well as tax planning for asset and company successions with optimization of income tax, gift tax and inheritance tax aspects are the supreme disciplines of the Tax Advisor. Unadvised clients who take their tax affairs into their own hands often lose out and are confronted with excessive tax demands from the tax authorities. Often, the call to the Tax Advisor comes only when it is almost too late. We also help in these cases by providing appropriate defense advice.

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